Digital media is used to disseminate information about different things. In the food industry, digital media can be used to tell people about new foods or new updates.

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Every food has a different customer’s experiences about diet because customers are different and they are all entitled to a different opinion about your business. This opinion can be influenced by quite a lot of things.


Here are 4 ways that digital media helps to market unhealthy foods to children:

1. Engagement Technique:

Digital media used flash animations, games, and music that are related to children, in their commercials to spark interest in the minds of these children and make them want these unhealthy foods. As engagement techniques are used for kids, these same companies use viral marketing to get too many older kids. Studies on the adverts of Cadbury and McDonald’s showed that about half of the adverts from these companies are targeted at children, while Coca-Cola targets adolescents in most of its commercials. The commercials were also found to capitalize more on the physical abilities of the products rather than nutritional advantages.

2. Age Exploitation:

Companies take advantage of the fact that the internet has age restrictions to market on the internet knowing full well that there are underaged kids that are using the internet too. These kids see this content and develop a burning desire to taste these foods. The companies cannot be sued for defying the WHO’s guidelines because of the age restriction for internet users.

3. Relatable Content:

Another role of digital media in marketing unhealthy foods to children is the availability of kid’s fun pages on the website of companies that sell unhealthy foods. The companies make children comfortable by visiting their website and a child begins to get used to the brand so when he goes with his parents to the mall or grocery shop, he begins to request that item until you give it to him. Also, favourite games are used as adverts on the website, all in a bid to get the attention of the children.

4. Television and Social Media:

Companies no longer care about many nutritional benefits, they are more concerned with making profits. This is why you can find ads from these companies in every place that digital media permits. You can see these media everywhere, especially social media. If you try to avoid social media, you will find these commercials on your television. Doing this registers the foods in our subconscious such that when we have made a decision, we choose the unhealthy ones even though we know that it is an unhealthy choice.

Digital media is very useful for different kinds of things. However, despite its numerous use, it can be exploited and used for the wrong reason as explained above. Digital media can influence people and make them buy an item for the wrong season so when you feel compelled to buy someone, take a closer look to be sure it is not influencing.

About the Author: Jesse S. Richards

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