The Salient WordPress Theme Review – Elements To Check In Web Designs

The Salient WordPress Theme Review – Elements To Check In Web Design

I supposed the first thing that you will notice when browsing or visiting a website is the design or theme because this has a great impact on the viewers. It is also the same in real life because if you find a place or a setting that suits your preferences or is comfortable and convenient, then you keep on coming or staying there. That’s why sometimes, when the site you are viewing pleases your eyes, then that boosts your interest to read the content as well.

That is what web designers want us to experience so if you have a website and would like to encourage your viewers to stay on your page, then check out to learn how. Such reviews will increase your awareness of what themes or designs you must incorporate so that more visitors will land on your pages, especially when this contains products and services. This is very important to entrepreneurs today since millions of consumers are relying on them.

Let’s say that it is not enough to promote your brand on blogs and various social media channels because consumers have standards when choosing what company to trust. So if you care for your online business, then incorporate more effective marketing strategies to earn visitors because they are your potential customers or clients. This means that you should know what elements could play a very important role in your website because these will make up an ideal theme for a web design.

Loading Speed

Viewers hate visiting sites that are slowly loading even when their Internet connection is fast so this disappoints them and simply leaves without checking the content. Sometimes you are too busy doing your research so you jump from one link to another to find relevant information that’s why there is no time to waste. Now, if loading will take time, then you won’t bother to wait and move to the next one.

Your audience would prefer a speedy loading so even if you have a great design when this viewer is impatient, then that won’t be seen. When users want to look at your content or access information, you should be able to allow them to do this fast. So check with the server or host, and make sure that the content is not too heavy to load – click here to know why this element is important. 


Navigating the website is important when the audience wants to find information. If possible, they would like quick access so the moment they enter, then they should get what they want in no time. So when navigation is quite poor, the users are discouraged because it consumes time, and keep in mind that they are usually impatient.

Therefore, the designer must make sure to create a page that enables easy-access navigation. In this way, you can help the users easily get what they need. When that happens, the audience won’t have trouble navigating.

The Salient WordPress Theme Review - Elements To Check In Web Designs

Responsiveness of the Design

Bear in mind that viewers do not only use their desktop computers or laptops when browsing websites. We may now open these via smartphones because it is more convenient for individuals who are always on the go. Therefore, we must make a design that would be compatible with multiple devices.

Regardless of the gadget or device used to view the content, the designer must ensure that the audience will leave a positive experience. In this way, viewers won’t be disappointed when finding various information. So it is important to incorporate the responsiveness of the design.


Images are essential elements to boost the user’s engagement which would help keep users and earn target viewers. However, the designer must measure the quantity and weight of the images, as well as videos that will be used because this will affect the loading speed. For example, if the loading and playing of the video would be slow, then consider the source where it was uploaded, the quality, and the length.

Let’s say that you prefer images and text only. These will be good as long as you will not use large files and won’t insert too many images. If the content is long and filled with pure text, then that would be boring for some, though users won’t mind if the information is relevant to their needs.

Designers must learn to balance the number of visual materials that will be applied to boost engagement. Only use visuals when necessary and if this has a purpose. Again, do not overload and it should not be crowded.

The Salient WordPress Theme Review - Elements To Check In Web Designs


Since users and target readers are here for pieces of information, then this must contain reliable information. The quality of the content is also important so you shouldn’t be adding unnecessary videos, images, audio, and text. The more useful this is, the more you’ll have visitors, thus, causing traffic, increasing popularity, and leaving a good impression on your company.

This only shows that providing or sharing information is not only about helping others. You have to be consistent as well because they’ll come back for more which means that you have more chances of making a brand.

CTA Buttons

Through Call-To-Action buttons, you will be able to drive your visitors to the next stage because these lead to interaction and engagement. However, the designer must create buttons that match the theme color that can easily attract readers. Let’s say that this is a way to catch their attention.

For example, if you have products to sell, then this button must be visible and eye-catching so that the users will be attracted to it. When that happens, they will click this button to get more details about certain products or services. Through this, you are now trying to convert these target audiences into potential customers.

Can you see now how you can promote your brand online? It is not just by sending e-mails, giving vouchers, or paid ads, but also through the content that you share with the users. So if you would like to increase sales online and expand your business, then you better start investing in a good web design with important elements.

About the Author: Jesse S. Richards

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