February 13, 2019 Off By Jill T Frey

Graphic design is a broad process that covers everything from: typography, photography, illustration, and more. Therefore, a graphic designer must be well versed will all these areas and is able to incorporate the different design elements to serve his or her client. Here, we will discuss about the various services that an experienced graphic designer or a web design Singapore agency will be able to offer when it comes to B2B graphic design.

Logo Design

One common service offered is logo designing. It may seem really simple to do, however at times it is actually more complex than it seems. A company’s logo is both a powerful and subtle way of communicating its brand’s values and messages. It is almost like the attire that a person wears that is used to represent him or her. Consequently, it is paramount that a company’s logo is appealing to its target audience and is in synced with the company’s messaging.

Marketing Collaterals

There are other things those represent a company such as the presentation of product or services, complete contact information, specification of technical and few more; these can be collectively known as termed as marketing collaterals.

A graphic design agency will be able to provide all the assistance for making a company presentable viz. marketing collateral designing, corporate identity presentation, business catalogue for clients and exhibitions and much more.

Typography & Illustration

Graphic design is all about using and playing magically with typography, illustration and photography. Average designers design to impress the viewer on the contrary good designers design to communicate. Designing an identity for a company is not about just using creative and color to make a good picture; it is about developing a topic in to a responsive speech which communicates the brand story with the essence of the brand remaining same in every design.

Color Theme

Every industry has its own aura and impression, for example steel industry player mostly use shades of grey and blue in their designs; now there  is no thumb rule to follow the similar pattern or color theme but it must be understood and the message must be conveyed. Web design service providers serve in complete arena of design to ensure end to end solution to the client. They design logos, business cards, letter heads, envelopes, adverts, banners, flyers, brochures, posters, presentation, social media posts and much more. Each of the above said property has to be asymmetric to the base color theme of the company without losing the elegance of design.

Symbolic References

Designing has its roots jolted to ancient history of mankind where people have carved symbols on caves to communicate their ideas and thoughts. However, modern era of designing is believed to start in 19th century when the first publication of printed design was released in Europe. Since then the gradual appreciation of design industry is what we are experiencing today. Designing is an interface between common people and the company which enable the public to recognize the company. Companies with good and explicable marketing collateral are likely to attain much higher consumer response than the one who have collaterals just to show and not correspond.

Throughout the process of designing a theme for the client, it is important that one understands the industry, its trends, and competition as it looks to incorporate all these design elements to cater to the needs of any organization. MediaPlus Digital is a Singapore based web designing agency with skilled set of professionals those have the caliber to carve the shape to your ideas through their designs.